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Hi! I'm Shelly!

A small-town girl with big-city ambition. My passions include marketing and graphic design, working out, drinking iced French vanilla cappuccinos, making people smile through design, spending time with my family, and creating designs that inspire others.

My creativity is fueled by everything from my past experiences to my education — it drives me to make things better. There's no hard fast rule about what design needs or can be done, but I make sure that every project or idea has a clear goal and serves its purpose. I love that every project is an opportunity to create something new and exciting. Creativity has no boundaries when designing with me because I thrive on hard work and dedication.  


My experience, skills, and creativity inspire me to create extraordinary things. My work is born from a desire to build elegant brands in form and message. I strive toward clean, minimalist designs with ideas rooted in practicality and function. I know success requires true devotion without compromising anything along the way — but never forget what matters. I believe that through good design, we are capable of making something beautiful without artifice; we can simplify complexity without sacrificing aesthetics; we can give people hope while they still need it most — all while telling authentic stories. 

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